Thursday, May 20, 2010

Making Pasta

Last night we had our first nearly-local meal of the year. I know we're supposed to be eating all the non-local food at the house, but there was a farmers market at the Strip District last weekend and I just couldn't resist! I was also excited to try the new pasta maker I got for my birthday. So using Anne Willan's Look & Cook Perfect Pasta cookbook I got from the library, Mark and I made our first fettuccine. And I found out that Mark has serious pasta making talent. We were each kneading our own piece of dough, and Mark's looked exactly like the picture and Mark had to fix mine to make it look like the picture. So thanks to Mark the pasta turned out great!

For a sauce I sauteed asparagus, mushrooms and parsley in a white-wine cream sauce. And for dessert I made a rhubarb crisp. Everything was really easy to make except the pasta, but I bet that will get easier after we do it a few times. The local ingredients were: eggs, cream, asparagus, mushrooms, and rhubarb. Now we just need to eat all the non-local food in the house in the next week and a half.


  1. Christina:

    Hello. Good luck with your local food challenge. My company, Isidore Foods, carries a lot of local products. Visit us at or call me directly at 412-400-4721.

    When your looking for local veggies in the dead of winter, we're the only ones in Pittsburgh delivering them weekly.


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  2. Funny you should mention it! I just signed up for a dairy share from your store last week. Where do you get the local veggies from in the dead of winter?