Monday, February 28, 2011

Locavore Update

We are about 9 months into our local eating adventure.  We still have plenty of local meat and veggies in the freezer.  In addition we have about 10 onions, 15 squash, 5 heads of garlic, 4 jars of jelly, and lots of relish from the fall.  We were lucky to discover the Penns Corner Farm Stand which has a monthly order of local food year round.  So from them we have access to local apples, garlic, potatoes, carrots, and even lettuce in the winter time.  At the East End Co-op we can buy local milk, eggs, cheese, and yogurt.  We also buy dried goods from them, such as lentils, flour, and beans.

All in all, we are certainly not suffering from lack of food, or even from lack of food choices.  I've also been very impressed with the quality of the food we froze.  I thought that freezing would compromise flavor and that it would taste like the stuff in the supermarket frozen section.  However, it tastes just like it did before I froze it.

I have also been keeping track of our food purchases, including the occasional dinner out with friends.  I also subtracted the days that we spent home for the holidays, during which time our family provided meals.  Since June 3rd we have spent about $5.75 per person per day.  That is less than the amount that SNAP food benefits (food stamps) would provide for 2 adults.  So despite what so many writers have claimed, it seems that it is possible to eat cheaply and sustainably.

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