Sunday, September 9, 2012

Locavore in San Diego, CA

While in San Diego on vacation I went to an amazing farmers market in Little Italy.  There were vendors for blocks with a beautiful view overlooking the bay.  Musicians played on every block; a Mexican band, an accordion player, and a string quartet of young children.  The atmosphere was lively and the variety of food was spectacular. There were huge artichokes from Sun Coast Farms, figs from Polito Family Farms, and avocados everywhere, including varieties that don't exist at the supermarkets in Pittsburgh.  The figs were sweet and tender, and the avocado was rich and creamy.  Creekside Tropicals had a number of fruits I'd never seen before, including jujubes, passionfruit and dragonfruit.  The dragonfruit was like the offspring of a watermelon and a kiwi; soft and sweet, but with a delicate flavor.  It's fun and delicious to experience local food wherever you go!
Farmers Market in Little Italy

Giant Artichokes from Sun Coast Farms

Dragonfruit from Creekside Tropicals
Passionfruit from Creekside Tropicals
Dried Jujubes from Creekside Tropicals

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