Monday, January 17, 2011

Adapting Your New Year's Resolutions

Today one of my friends told me about her New Year's resolutions, and I told her about my "Green Resolutions".  I realized that they can easily be adapted to be one in the same.  Isn't it convenient that ways to help the environment can help you too?!  Here are examples of two common resolutions with ways to also make them eco-friendly below:

To save money:
    • Eat seasonally (Food that is in season and local grown tends to be cheaper than food shipped from all over the country)
    • Cook (By eating at restaurants less, you'll save lots of money.  By not buying processed foods, you'll also save money)
    • Conserve water (Decreases water bill)
  • The following require some initial investment, but you'll save money in the long run:
    • Replace bulbs with CFL bulbs (Decreases electric bill)
    • Gett a programable thermostat (Decreases natural gas bill)
    • Improve insulation (Decreases natural gas bill)
To lose weight:
    • Bike or walk instead of driving
    • Eat local food (Which prevents you from buying highly processed foods or snack foods)
    • Eat less meat (Which means eating more veggies and less fat)
    • Watch less TV (Which means engaging in more active activities, or at least activities that require your brain so you are less likely to experience food cravings.  But since you'll be eating local food you won't have any Cheetos laying around the house anyway)
    • Cook (By cooking your own food you know exactly what's in it, therefore ensuring that you are always eating healthy food)

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