Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Low Income Locavore Year is Over

Mark and I finished our year eating local on a low income.  Unfortunately I lost track of some of the food purchases for the past two months.  For the 301 days between June 3rd, 2010 and March 31, 2011 we spent a total of $3,267.35 which is an average of $5.43 per person per day.  A couple with maximum SNAP benefits (food stamps) would receive $6.11 per person per day.  Therefore it is definitely possible to eat healthy, local food on a tight budget.  Plus with the exceptions we made it was really quite easy to do.  We allowed ourselves to eat non-local food if we invited out or to friends homes, so as to not socially exclude ourselves.  We also had the "millennium rule" for buying food, which allowed us to buy food that has been traded for more than 1,000 years (spices, grains, cheese, etc.), although we tried our best to source those things locally as well.  

To have fruits and vegetables year round we froze them last summer and we had plenty to keep us fed all winter.  Squash, potatoes and onions were kept in the basement, although we did run out of onions early.  We made all of our bread and pasta.  During the year my health improved, as indicated by my cholesterol levels which changed for the better (Mark did not have his tested).  Our weights stayed the same.

It was a great year, I think the tastiest one yet.  People have been asking me "are you going to continue?" and the answer is ABSOLUTELY!! with the occasional seafood purchase and an avocado every now and then. However, Mark got a job!  As a result we can't consider ourselves "low income" anymore.  So here's my new blog: Locavore for Life.  It's going to have everything from this year uploaded and I'll keep adding new recipes and tidbits to it.

Thanks for following my blog for a year!!!  It's been a great adventure!

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