Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bad feelings about baking

In an effort to maximize the local ingredients in the food we eat, I made crackers and bread this weekend.  I must admit I was reluctant to do all this baking.  First of all baking is a lot like science, and of course I love science, but when I get home from the lab, I'm usually ready to do something less exact, like cooking.  Secondly, I've had some bad baking experiences.  For example, making Mark's birthday cake this year.  In the process of mixing ingredients I accidentally dumped a bunch of flour in the toaster (which still smells like burnt flour when we use it).  Then I discovered that our oven is uneven, so each of the three layers had one side that was thicker than the other.  Despite my best efforts at leveling it, the top of the cake started sliding off, so I had to stick a skewer in it to keep it on.  Needless to say, I was not too eager to start baking again.  I've managed to convince Mark to do some baking ("baking is so much fun, you'll love it!"), but this weekend he was very busy studying so I was on my own.  Lucky for me both the crackers and bread making went smoothly, tasted great, and made the house smell fantastic (the finished products shown to the right).

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