Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Local Vinegar!

Today was the first day of the Farmer's Market at Phipps Conservatory.  I love this market because it has a great variety of meats, cheese, honey, eggs, and veggies.  And today I discovered another special item: local vinegar!  Not only was it local, it was the best vinegar Mark or I have ever had!  It was made by Sonshine Farm.  The farmer said the secret was the "mother".  I had no idea what she meant, and I didn't want to sound like I didn't know anything about where my food comes from, so I just asked wikipedia:

Mother of vinegar is a substance composed of a form of cellulose and acetic acid bacteria that develops on fermenting alcoholic liquids, which turns alcohol into acetic acid with the help of oxygen in the air.  It is added to wine, cider or other alcoholic liquids to produce vinegar.

I'm very excited to be learning more about where (and how) food is made.  And I've got some fantastic local vinegar!

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